Go Laser!

Laser hair removal is all the rage now a days! Who wouldn’t want to save time, money and have smoother skin along the way? At Southeast Regional Med Spa we service Men and Women from their nose to their toes!

The most common treatment areas for Women are their upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini area and legs. Most women shave on average 3 times per week and spend 10.9 minutes per shave, that’s 130.8 minutes per month! Imagine what you could accomplish in 130.8 minutes, you could read a new book every month or start binging a new Netflix series, pretty tempting, right?

If you think that’s shocking imagine what you could do with an extra few thousand dollars! Surprisingly, Laser hair removal is quite cost effective, on average clients will receive six treatments of Laser depending on the size of the area our treatments start at $50! With the money you’re currently spending on shaving or waxing products you could permanently rid your body of those pesky hairs and end up with a wad of cash in your pocket! The average amount of money Women spend in their lifetime on shaving is $10,207, and waxing averages out to a whopping $23,000! Afterall, no one enjoys wasting their time and money! Feel the wind on your hairless leg, Go Laser!

Statistics from http://lucypeters.com/hair-removal-facts-numbers-and-figures-infographic/



Not many people actually know what a Lash Lift is.  Well, that’s what we’re here for!

If the whole concept is new to you, a lash lift is essentially a semi-permanent curl for your natural eyelashes. Creating a long lasting curl that lifts your eyelashes, a lash lift will make your eyes look bigger and more opened! You can ditch the DIY lash curler and mascara with just one session!

Lash lifts can be preformed on any kind of lashes, short and straight? Blonde? Sparse?  No problem!

If you are in the market for longer looking, curvier and more defined lashes a lash lift appointment may just be the answer.  This procedure takes approximately 40 minutes and involves securing your natural lashes to silicone shields with an adhesive and then applying a keratin solution.  After processing time is completed, a nourishing oil is then applied to your lashes.  The results of the “lift” are immediate and last approximately 7-8 weeks.  Paired with a lash tint you can toss your mascara for a no fuss, natural and beautiful lifted look!



I think by now we all have heard of Botox before, whether you saw a celebrity who went a bit overboard and looks extremely frozen or your 55 year old high school friend who looks flawless, we’ve all seen the great and not so great effects. Dysport, on the other hand is new to the US marketplace as of 2009. So many clients ask, “ Well what’s the difference?”, here we answer that question!

Botox and Dysport are both a form of Botulinum type A which is an injectable used to temporarily relax facial muscles. Botox, which is made by Allergan and has been around for over 20 years, has been marketed so well it has become a household name. Dysport, a new competitor to the marketplace as of 2009 is marketed by Medicis, this is the same company that brings you Restylane, a very popular Dermal filler. Although Dysport is new to the US it has been in Europe for quite some time and was formerly known as Reloxin.

9 out of 10 people say “ Pass me a Kleenex”, not “Pass me a Puffs”, similarly clients arrive saying “I’d like Botox” not even knowing that Dysport exists. Allergans marketing budget is reflected in the price of Botox, as it is typically a bit more expensive. Another notable difference– Dysport has a slightly quicker onset ; 2-5 days vs 4-7 days for Botox.

It’s like comparing apples to apples, some may prefer one to the other although they are generally the same product and produce the same results. Whom the patient chooses to inject the product has a much greater effect on their results than the physical product in regards to Botox and Dysport!